Play Presentations

“The Gardeners” Team One – Caden, Major, Colin, Makenzie, Erin, Scotlynn, Zachary, Morgan, and Taylon.

Team Two – Hannah, Major, Dalton, Alyssa, Erin, Scotlynn, Ramsey, Beau, Mayson, and Rocky.  

“The Mountaineers” – Team One – Julian, Espyn, Tyler, Ava, Mason M., Sam, Tiffany, Casey, and Corbin.

Team Two – Logan, Espyn, Tyler, Tiffany, Caden, Ava, Casey, and Mason P.

”Young Archaeologists” – Team One – Holden, Seth, Cami, Paityn, Jake, Libby, Kelby, Jessie, Johnathan, and Grant.


Team Two – Major, Reece, Darci, Abby, Hunter, Kaitlyn, Brianna, Lailah, Dash, and Grant.


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