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Stephanie Conner

Welcome to the online classroom of Mrs. Conner!

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Mrs. Conner's 5th grade Math Syllabus:


Mrs. Conner’s email: School number: 405-381-2368

Welcome! I hope the following info will be helpful to you and your child. You can email me at anytime with math or school questions. I will be glad to help. Your child’s learning is up to me, you, and your child.

Textbooks will not be assigned. There is a set that stays in the classroom that we use every day. There is a set of textbooks for check-out. Textbooks can be checked out overnight and must be returned the following day. Textbook check-out will be done at the end of 6th period. Your child is responsible for the textbook until returned the following day. If the textbook is lost the student is responsible for the replacement at a cost of $67.97. The textbook should be checked in the following morning. If not returned the child will miss recess. If not returned for 5 days the child will lose check-out privileges. Typically, textbooks will not be needed to complete homework.


*Paper, pencil, brain.  

*Never use pen- always pencil- (red pen for grading only)  

*Brain is a must- My job is to teach- your job is to learn.



*When I’m talking- you are not

*Treat everyone & everything with respect. Proper behavior is a must.

*No tardies- you only leave my room in case of emergencies.

*Class starts as soon as the bell rings- be ready!

*If you can’t see- move.

*If you have questions- ask!

*Turn your work in on time.

*We are together for 60 minutes a day, make the most of it!





*You earn your grades- be proud of themJ

*Every nine weeks- one low grade is dropped.

*Your child can take their assignments home every night, if we did not do as a class. The due date is given with every assignment. Zero will be given if they do not turn in their assignment when it is due L. Students will be able to redo any assignment that is below 65% for a possible 80% that comes home in the Wednesday folder. They can get the assignment during encore/recess and work on it at that time. Students cannot redo tests or morning assignments. The cut off for turning in redo assignments is 2 weeks before the end of each 9 weeks.

*Tests count twice- review before tests, students may take notes home to study. If your child fails a test they can make up points to be added to the test in the morning only. They will be given the option to come in 3 days after the scores are given, in the morning about 15 minutes before the first bell rings at 7:40 am.

*Students get the opportunity to win a prize for 100% on tests. There are a few weeks where more difficult assignments are given that students will be put in a drawing for earning 80% or higher on assignments.

*Extra help is given at encore and before school.

*A spiral review will be done throughout the year. Your child will be responsible for the assignments given and there will be a grade. It is done at the first of class- 20 questions per week.

*Extra credit: I will give opportunities for extra credit at my discretion.

*Encore: Your child will be assigned mandatory encore if their average falls to 64 or below. You will receive notification from the school informing you of their grade and the subject that grade is in. Mandatory encore is during recess time. They are required to report to encore on time and be prepared to work. Mandatory encore is assigned a week at a time and is designed to give the student additional help to raise their grade average.

I love math and hope you will also by the end of the year! You have a lot to learn!

Let’s go!

Thank you,

Mrs. Conner



I love math and hope you will also by the end of the year. You have a lot to learn! Let’s go!

Thank you,

Mrs. Conner



Stephanie Conner

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